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Unveiling the Rich Heritage of Kandy Tea: A Legacy Steeped in Flavor

Seven Regional Teas

Delve into the captivating story of Kandy tea, a cherished treasure of Sri Lanka’s tea industry since its inception in 1867. As the first commercial tea plantation emerged in Loolecondera Estate within the Kandy district, it marked the genesis of a flourishing tea culture that remains integral to Sri Lanka’s cultural and economic landscape.

A Realm of Diverse Microclimates

Unlike its counterparts in Nuwara Eliya and Uva, Kandy boasts a distinctive topography characterized by mid-elevation hills and valleys. This diverse landscape nurtures a spectrum of microclimates, each imparting a unique essence to the tea:

Elevation Variations: From lower-lying areas yielding bold flavors to higher elevations offering nuanced cups, Kandy’s elevation intricately shapes its tea.
Monsoon Influence: Sheltered plantations produce delicate teas, while those exposed to monsoon winds develop robust profiles.
Sunshine and Shade: Sun-kissed gardens yield vibrant teas, while shaded areas craft mellow blends, adding layers to Kandy’s tea tapestry.

A Meticulous Journey from Bud to Cup

Crafting Kandy tea is a meticulous process rooted in tradition and expertise:

Plucking: Selective harvesting ensures only the finest leaves and buds are handpicked, preserving quality and flavor.
Withering: Controlled dehydration on special mats initiates flavor development, preparing leaves for rolling.
Rolling: Gentle rolling releases essential oils, enriching aroma and taste while preserving leaf structure.
Oxidation: Controlled exposure to air enriches color and flavor, resulting in Kandy’s signature robustness without bitterness.
Firing: High-temperature drying halts oxidation, perfecting flavor and aroma for a captivating brew.
The Essence Captured: A Bright Infusion with a Bold Character

Kandy tea presents a vibrant infusion with a distinctive coppery hue, reflecting its moderate oxidation. Its intense full-bodied character, influenced by the mid-elevation terroir, boasts subtle variations of spice, malt, and fruitiness, complemented by a rich, malty aroma.

Q & A Section

Q: What distinguishes Kandy tea from other Sri Lankan teas?
A: Kandy tea’s mid-elevation terroir imparts a unique boldness and flavor complexity, making it a standout among Sri Lankan teas.

Q: How can one best enjoy Kandy tea?
A: Kandy tea’s versatility shines in various settings, whether as a robust morning brew, a perfect pairing with savory dishes, or a delightful after-dinner drink.

Beyond the Cup: A Legacy Enduring

Kandy tea’s legacy extends beyond taste, contributing to Sri Lanka’s social and economic fabric. Embracing sustainable practices ensures its continued prosperity while safeguarding the region’s delicate ecosystem.


As we conclude our journey through Kandy tea’s rich heritage, we invite you to savor its timeless allure and embrace its vibrant flavors. From its historic origins to its enduring legacy, Kandy tea embodies the essence of Sri Lanka’s tea culture, offering a sensory journey like no other. So, immerse yourself in the boldness and vibrancy of Kandy tea, and let its timeless character transport you on a delightful odyssey for your senses.


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